Train the Trainer Coursework

Lesson 1 – Business Plan

This is the most component of every successful business. 97% of businesses that fail do not have a business plan! Spending a couple of hours identifying your direction and milestones to achieving your goals immediately positions you in the 3% of businesses that succeed.

After watching this lesson complete your business plan using one of the templates below then send to Your plan will be discussed during your next coaching session,

Business Plan – Word doc

Business Plan – PDF


Lesson 2 – Teaching through technology

In this lesson you will be introduced to some of the technologies that will allow you to teach online. There are numerous options to consider so it is worth doing a little research to work out which best suits your needs and budget. This will be discussed and your specific technologies agreed at your next coaching session.





Lesson 3 – Teaching with confidence

Most people get a little nervous before teaching or public speaking. This is a natural emotion and means that you care. However, for some, it can become a fear and difficult to overcome. In this lesson David explains some techniques to change the nerves into a positive excited state. More help is available on this subject by contacting




Lesson 4 – Key factors when running a successful class

There are lots of little things that can be done to make a good class a great class. Have a checklist of things that you need to do and revisit the list after every course, changing what needs to be changed to ensure your courses run like clockwork.

Things like joining instructions, greeting students on arrival, cleanliness, introductions, lunch, sweet treats and the class photo are all essential. However, there are other little things that Paul shares in this lesson to help make a good course great!



Lesson 5 – Online marketing

Creating online traffic takes time, but through a dedicated amount of time per week you can grow substantial audiences. Knowing where to dedicate your time and focus your efforts is crucial. In this lesson David introduces you to some of the key components to consider when setting up your marketing strategy. The effort put in here should be a reflection of the ambitions you have set out in your business plan.





Lesson 6 – Offline marketing

This stuff really works! Be creative, be persistent and don’t always accept ‘no’ as the final answer. David shares his marketing strategies that got Paul onto the main stage at cake shows in Birmingham, London, Essen and Brisbane. He also had a number of mainstream TV appearances and has created a high demand for his appearance at cake events around the world.

This is mainly down to learning some of the simple, but very effective techniques taught in this lesson. You should consider revisiting your business plan on completion of the online and offline marketing lessons. Give yourself some new SMART objectives.


Lesson 7 – Paul’s teaching experiences

Paul shares some of his many training experiences, providing excellent insights on things that go well and things that can go wrong during a class. Paul has taught thousands of students over the past 15 years and he shares one or two moments that stick out. During the DISC lesson later, it becomes clearer why people operate in completely different ways.




Lesson 8 – DISC – Personality profiling

It is very important to understand the different personality types of your students. You might get one that’s loud and wants to take over the class and another student who is so quiet, you can’t work out whether they are enjoying themselves or not. This personality profiling exercise is a great way to start to understand the different personality types and how to get them all working together. This is a huge subject and if you would like further information click the link below.

DISC Personality profiling

On completing all the lessons please contact: to discuss the learning and next steps.


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