3D Cake Carving & Internal Structure Course

3D Cake Carving & Internal Structure Course

with Paul Bradford
Location:Alhaurin el Grande Skill level:easy Duration: Date and times:06/06/2022 - 10/06/2022, 10:00 am - 06:00 pm Price:£845.00

About the Course

About the Course

You will have the opportunity to create and design THREE  BESPOKE cakes with Paul there every step of the way to both help and challenge you.

Payment plans are available on request to CakeFlix members Contact us for Details.

On Monday you will design your very own spherical cake, similar to Paul’s Shark or Puffer Fish designs. However, you will come up with a theme which could be anything from a monster to a fairytale design.
Tuesday and Wednesday, you will design a cake using a wooden internal structure similar to Paul’s Golf Bag or Easter Chick cakes. Students will have the use of power tools, but Paul is more than happy to cut the shapes if needed via a demo. This is where the magic will begin to take place as all 8 students start to create their very own dream cakes.
Thursday Friday, you will design your very own metal-supported cake similar to Paul’s Handbag Heaven or Jumping Puppy Love cakes.  By now, you will have the confidence to take a risk on your own design and even make it gravity-defying.
Paul will be on hand at all the stages and what’s so amazing about the class is you will also be learning from the other 7 students as they will be creating something completely different.

What you will learn:

  • How to design 3 bespoke carved cakes
  • How to work out the internal structure
  • How to make the structures food safe
  • How to use power tools in a safe environment
  • How to ganache and cover difficult designs
  • Sculpting your designs using a range of techniques
  • Airbrushing, painting, glazing, texturing
  • How to finish the cake for maximum effect
  • How to price the final cake designs for your marketplace

Who will find this course useful?

  • Anyone who struggles to design their own sculpted cake designs rather than just copy from another designer
  • Those needing guidance on the use of power tools
  • How to get your head around internal structures
  • Anyone looking to make lifelong friends in a fun and friendly group
  • Anyone looking to have a cake holiday while their partner chills by the pool or goes for a game of golf
  • Anyone looking to extract as much information from Paul Bradford as they can in one week!

All tools, materials, lunch and refreshments are provided. You just need to turn up!

  • Paul Bradford

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Where to find us and accommodation suggestions

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After a hard week’s learning, we all let our hair down on the Friday (see above)!

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